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When a major incident occurs it may be necessary to communicate with the counties surrounding Montgomery and the Texas ARES. The table below lists the repeaters and frequencies that may be used.

For reference, Montgomery County is located north of Houston which is in Harris County. To the north is Walker County. Clockwise the counties are San Jacinto, Liberty, Harris directly south, Waller and Grimes counties. The South Texas Section ARES has a map of the section showing all the counties in the section.

Location Type Frequency (Mhz) Offset Tone (hz) Call Sign
Montgomery ARES Primary Repeater 147.020 / 147.140 Plus / Plus 136.5 / 136.5 NE5TH / N5KWN
Liberty ARES/Skywarn Repeater 146.900 Minus None N5AK
Liberty ARES HF 7.280 (day), 3.860 (night), 28.450  
Montgomery ARES HF 28.380  
Montgomery ARES Packet 145.030  
Texas ARES HF 3.873, 7.285  
Montgomery ARES HF Psk31 28.120 USB  
San Jacinto      
Waller ARES Repeater 146.720 Plus 123.0  
Walker ARES Repeater 147.180 Plus 136.5 W5SAM
Harris NW ARES Repeater 146.660 Minus 141.3  
Waller ARES Simplex 146.460  
Montgomery ARES Simplex 146.560  
Texas HF Health & Welfare 3.935, 7.290  
Walker ARES Repeater 442.850 Plus 127.3 W5SAM
Montgomery Multi-county coverage 442.525 Plus 127.3  
Harris NE ARES Repeater 145.430 Minus None
Montgomery Woodlands ARC 444.100, 145.630 simplex cross band Plus 136.5, 203.5 simplex W5WFD
Montgomery Woodlands ARO 146.800 / 147.300 Minus / Plus 103.5 / 151.4  
Harris TranStar Repeater 147.000 Plus 103.5  
Conroe ARES/CERT Repeater 442.175 Plus 103.5 WD5CFJ

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