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The principle means for activating Montgomery County ARES is through the primary (147.020) or backup (147.140) repeaters. If these fail then the simplex frequency is used.

A notice of activation is also sent using the three methods described below. These text activations are used so operators can be reached when away from their radios.

Activation messages may include the following:

Notification that an incident is occuring requiring ARES support, e.g. search and rescue call out, Standby notification that an incident may develop in the near future, e.g. winter storm warning, hurricane, Stand down notification that an incident has passed or did not develop.

Sending a text message to mobile devices

Mobile devices can receive an email using their phone number as the email address. For instance, a T-Mobile phone's address is If you wish to receive activation emails on your mobile device send an email to the Emergency Coordinator with your mobile device phone number and the mobile carrier you are using. If you carrier or phone number change send an email with updated information. Notifications will only be sent from an email address from the domain, e.g.

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